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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

Jack's 3 step approach is his tried and tested method of discovering the current health of your business, distilling the essence of who you are to deliver impactful and fulfilling marketing campaigns.

Whether you require comprehensive digital marketing solutions or assistance in one key strategic area, Jack's approach will guide you on a meaningful journey and help you navigate any challenges on the way.

We will reimagine a bold vision and strategy that sparks the light within your organisation.

You may book one-off consultancy sessions with Jack, and work on a project basis or contract retainer. 

A Full-Service Agency option is also available through Forge Branding with Jack serving as Marketing Director for the firm.


I will run you through my process to establish a direction for your brand and the level of service you require. This will occur in bite-size form on our initial 15-30 minute connect meeting.


• What is the landscape we are operating in / targeting?
• What do we know about existing audience and their behaviour? 
• What are the distribution channels available?
• How do we want ourselves to be understood?
• What internal objectives and messaging must be incorporated
• What persona and demographic insights are available?


• What are our measurable aims?
• What are the qualitative objectives?
• What are the quantitative objectives?


• What do we understand about the communities they adopt?
• What issues do they have that we can resolve?


• The idea?
• Mood board?
• What will it offer?
• What makes it different?


• How will we present and deliver the idea?
• What is the mechanic needed to ensure we cut through?
• How do we envisage our idea looking to the audience?
• How are we reaching the audience?


• Where do we present the idea?
• What comms channels are needed?
• Where are the contact points for the audience?• E.g. where do they find us, where do they engage with us, where do they convert with us, where do they evangelise about us?


• Timing is key!
• What is the timescale for the project?
• What are the key dates and check points needed to launch?
•Stakeholder involvement and project plan
• Content calendar• Define when we deliver content and activity


• What does success look like?
• How do we measure success and effectiveness?
• How do we measure results versus objective Sales/Followers?
• Can we show how well our budget has delivered upon


After I conduct my analysis of your business, together we will map out the services you will need to reach your goals.


An objective, experienced voice can be just the perspective you need to inject fresh life and creativity into your business.

Meet with Jack in ad-hoc fashion or have him advise on a project basis on the many facets of effective digital marketing.

Content Creation

Select from a broad range of Jack’s skills as a copywriter, art director and social content creator. Web Development and Design can also be provided via Forge Branding.

CRM Framework Development

Jack believes an essential pillar of digital marketing is harnessing the power of CRM tools to uncover the ideal relationship in communicating with your audience and aligning that with your objectives. Jack can deliver meaningful CRM integration to increase your audience engagement.

Digital Advertising/Data Analysis

Jack delivers razor sharp paid social campaigns that cost effectively amplify the reach your business. Jack is adept in producing meaningful reports on the digital health of your business, and is well versed in a range of analytical tools.

Audience Development

Knowing your audience and their unmet needs is key. Remember both Prince Charles and Ozzy Osbourne are both senior citizens living in a castle, they have very different needs. Jack's Persona Development report explains all.

Full Service Agency

Jack is an equal partner in Forge Branding and is able to fulfil full-scale marketing campaigns for projects requiring a larger inventory of services, including Website Development and Branding Kits.


Let's connect! Together we will discuss the creation of an authentic vision and both the strategy and systems you need to deliver meaningful work in the world.

After the connect call and should you wish to proceed, you will receive:

• Estimate and Statement of work breakdown
• Service Level Agreement for signature

Jack is flexible in how you would like to engage his services, you may book one-off consultancy sessions, work on a project basis or contract retainer.

To book a meeting click below and let's connect...

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