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“The clients I work with are fierce innovators and visionaries who are open to explore new ideas, often challenging the status quo. My clients tend to operate conscious and sustainable businesses that hold an intention to establish greater societal wellbeing. Does that sound like you?

I am here to help your initiative create deeper impact in the world, to ensure that all souls derive profound value from it, and thus live more meaningful lives as a result.

We will craft inspiring narratives, devise strategies and communications that amplify your mission. We will place equal value on developing digital ecosystems, project management tools and the meaningful analysis of data, to realistically fulfil your potential.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Jack Terroni, Marketing Director

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Marketing Résumé

Jack Terroni is a multimedia creative and spiritually motivated global marketing director, with vast experience working within the arts and with conscious and sustainable businesses.

A gifted storyteller, much of Jack’s joy is derived in helping people, organisations and brands express themselves authentically. He is most passionate when his work is inextricably linked to projects that help establish greater wellbeing and societal cohesion.

Jack has worked as the sole marketing consultant for several years with the distinguished author and thought-leading life coach Richard Barrett, heading up every aspect of the Barrett Academy’s marketing strategy from CRM & Content Creation, through to Social Media Management, with the aim of accelerating the evolution of human consciousness.

Jack helped to shape the cultural landscape of music in the UK (over 4 years)  in his previous capacity as CASIO Marketing Manager for their Music Division. Jack was personally responsible for the UK’s celebration of Casio Music’s 40th-anniversary campaign, the result of which was licensed to multiple territories and even honoured with incorporation into the Casio Museum in Tokyo. 

As the Managing Director of Peasant Man Productions Ltd Jack led a full-scale marketing campaign for the musical he composed and produced, Punchy! . Jack led the marketing strategy, Art Direction, PR, Social Media and Merchandising initiatives. The results of which enabled the show to receive glowing reviews, and national coverage on BBC Radio and London Live News Channels. 

Jack served as a Marketing Director for a unique Registered Investment Advisory firm Conscious Capital, heading up the re-brand of their website and advising on both their B2B and B2C communication strategy, working directly with the CEO, Lawrence Ford, in raising awareness of their holistic approach to ethical and sustainable investment solutions. 

In March 2022, Jack emigrated from London, UK to Brisbane, Australia with his fiancée Georgina and their cat Nox!