Barrett Academy

Digital eCommerce Strategy and Website Relaunch

Project Analysis

Marketing consultancy provided for version 2.0 of the Barrett Academy website to improve lead generation and customer conversion of its series of E-Learning Courses, in support of the evolution of human consciousness.

Jack conducted a comprehensive website audit, and crafted a multi-channel digital advertising and social media B2C and B2B communications plan.

Jack integrated the website with a persona led clinically segmented CRM system, to drive sales, awareness and engagement of this unique syllabus.

Website Development and Design was also deployed in conjunction with Forge Branding.


Result 1

Social Media eCommerce Solutions
Sociel eCommerce
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Result 2

Paid Social Advertising Assets
Paid Social Advertising
Paid Social Campaign
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Result 3

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Services Utilised

  • eCommerce Marketing Plan
  • Brand and Website Audit
  • Website Development via Forge Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Asset Development
  • Digital Advertising (Paid Social)
  • CRM Engagement Plan
  • Data Analysis and Marketing Metric Reports