Punchy! is the story of the wayward and conflicted George ‘Punchy’ Armstrong as he attempts to overcome the crimes of his young adulthood in post-war London. His path to transformation is witnessed by the alarming appearance of his Ego and Soul and their struggle to influence his decisions…

51 Ravens brings you a tough, poignant and innovative NEW musical! Expect a raucous, affecting night of ‘gig-theatre’ that will enlighten, amuse and move you in equal measure. There’s definitely no jazz hands and glitter here, as you drink in the sound of the on-stage band earning their keep in the Jameson’s Arms.

Composer Jack Terroni’s soundtrack is not beholden to the sound of the 1950s and beguiles the audience with a contemporary mix of powerful soul, indie rock and pop songs. This eclectic soundscape sets the tone for the curious characters of ‘Soul’ and ‘Ego’ to play with the very fabric of time and what it means to be human, in the heart of an ordinary working class London community. Can Punchy find his authentic self or will Ego lead him to a path of destruction?

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