CASIO Music 40th Anniversary (Global)

Global 40th Anniversary Casio Music Celebration

Project Analysis

Devised and deployed a year-long celebration spearheaded via a limited edition ‘fanzine’ that told the iconic story of the much loved musical instrument brand.

Jack’s innate storytelling gift enabled the campaign to receive global recognition and licenses to multiple territories. The fanzine was honoured with incorporation into the Casio Museum in Tokyo .

Jack led a team of copywriters, PR agencies, videographers and creatives in a phenomenally engaged social media content, delivering over 3,000,000 impressions and above industry average engagement rates/click-through rates in both CRM, Paid and Organic Social metrics.

The UK version of the Fanzine sold out within 7 days and excerpts were repurposed nationally via The Telegraph Newspaper.

Result 1

End User Engagement Strategy and Art Direction
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Result 2

PR - The Telegraph (UK)
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Result 3

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Services Utilised

Services Utilised:

  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Art Direction
  • Social Media Asset Development
  • Digital Advertising (Paid Social)
  • CRM Engagement Plan
  • Data Analysis and Marketing Metric Reports