Achievement or Fulfilment?

What are your thoughts on ambition and achievement? How do you find fulfilment?

James (Atlanta, USA)

Ambition as validation gives your power away to others, you can be more of yourself by letting it go. You won't always meet your own standards or expectations and that's ok... Realising this and not beating yourself up - that is a strength.

In my own life, I have found shifting from achievement to fulfilment deeply beneficial to my wellbeing. An achievement focus is often viewed through the lens of the Ego, whilst engaging in fulfilling work becomes instead about the process, and the Souls you encounter along the way.

It’s important to have an aim, a purpose that orients you toward the highest good, one you can fulfil given the unique gifts I believe we each possess. However, I do not set goals with fixed outcomes, I set intentions. This subtle distinction brings me into communion with a force outside myself and into a state of grace and flow. If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. There is a natural order to things that reveals itself we listen carefully.  

Courage is the virtue most required in fulfilling potential, and one should only look back to see how far they’ve come in their personal evolution. Otherwise, imagine you're walking along a street and you keep looking behind you, it’s inevitable that you will keep bumping into things! Go quietly amidst the noise and haste in service of that highest good or risk losing it all like Orpheus before us, as you look back into the abyss, clinging to former glories and hollow ambitions, when the path to true fulfilment is ahead of you.

Path-maker there is no path, by walking you make the path

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