Bookshelf Remedy #1

Hey Jack, I am seeking to cultivate greater self-discipline in producing my watercolour paintings, but I keep getting sidetracked by my inner-critic? How do you manage?

Michael, (Edinburgh, UK)

Hi Michael,

I am well acquainted with that stubborn foe!

Here's a remedy from my bookshelf for cultivating the inner will. There are often times when we must dig deep into our reserves of courage and resilience to bring forth a change that is in alignment with the authenticity of our true self. It is in so doing that we re-establish access to what the poet Jack Gilbert described as the 'buried treasure' within.

I often recall the allegories and techniques Piero details here when experiencing the harsher tones of the Ego and its inner-critic narrative. Hope you find this useful, Michael.

Love & Light,


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