Leaving Home

I noticed in your timeline that you emigrated to Australia, I have been saving for a while to move out of my family home, I need a nudge to get me over the line. I don't have the closest of relationships with my Dad, but I'm anxious about making a break...

Lee, (Islington, UK)

It is of utmost importance that we call into conscious awareness, the childhood traumas which serve as triggers for self-limiting beliefs we may hold about ourselves if we are to expand fully into the glorious potential of our own humanity. Our tribal ancestors before us understood the importance of rituals, rites of passage and the handing down of knowledge to facilitate the evolution of their community.

This process of aiding the collective whilst enabling individuation is seldom understood now, in a world sorely lacking such catalysts for change. Only until you have left the family home can a person truly individuate, only until there is a contained sacred space of one's own, is there the opportunity to thoroughly unpick the cultural conditioning, programming and prescribed reality of the founding figures from our childhoods.

Once this is called into awareness and this process has been fully engaged in, are we consequently able to transition from knee-jerk decision making in our lives, to values-based decision making. (The key difference between the two hinges on the truth that values-based decisions stem from the alignment of the needs of our soul rather than the ego's tyrannical demands.) It is from this space that we connect to the warmth of our being, to our centre.

The ego becomes subservient to the wishes of the soul and is no longer at the wheel of our lives.

The ego recognises it is in fact very small, humbled in the grace of the soul's beauty and its natural inclination to grow. Go well in your journey towards fulfilment.

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