Unrequited Love

Hey Jack, my name's Hannah and I am 20 years old, I saw Punchy! in London (last November). In the show, Edith seems to reflect Punchy's conscience, perhaps even the voice of his true self. I have so many questions about how you really know if you've found the right person in a romantic relationship. What's your take?

Hannah, (Neasden, UK)

Thank you Hannah for seeing Punchy! last year. Questions are good things to have! Looking back to my early twenties, I had many questions of this nature. I realise now that my questions were part of a richer, subconscious process, where I was sifting through the contrast of romantic experience (sometimes painfully) to ultimately unearth an authentic definition of love, that honoured who I was at the core of my being.

Becoming conscious of such a process almost enables you to "love wholly invested in the well being of the other, without the shadow of self-interest cruising beneath the surface like a surly shark” as Jungian Author, James Hollis once observed.

I say almost, as we are human after all! Complete selfless love (a noble ideal) is what the Ancient Greeks termed 'agape', I like to believe in a world where that is possible.

Alas, here is a poem (ironically brimming with questions) that I wrote during that period, I hope this can act as an anchor for you to understand that although it may take time, your questions will light the way to the love you deserve. It is good to have questions.


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