“Jack Terroni provides the story, music and lyrics to this wonderfully immersive twist on traditional musical theatre. Equal parts jazz lounge set, indie-rock gig and charming morality play, Terroni leaves an assured stamp on this uplifting tale.

★ ★ ★ ★

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“Terroni’s score ebbs and flows with the emotional energy of the story…numbers like Honest Lover and Everybody Needs Love stand out.”

The Stage

“…tremendous music, Jack Terroni can certainly write and arrange a song, supported by a fantastic on-stage band.”

Broadway World

"If you haven't yet discovered Jack Terroni, then imagine the soul searching vocals of Nick Cave, the energetic riffs of Dave Gilmour, the commanding presence of Michael Crawford and the compositional genius of a Hans Zimmer, all infused into one genetic hybrid. But Jack Terroni is far more than this, whilst it is easy to see influences of such legends in his work, he will absolutely become a legend in his own right"

Ian, Audience Club

Absolutely FABULOUS! Refreshing to see a musical where the music is good and the singers can actually sing! Who says musicals have to be sickly and cringeworthy? If you agree, this is the show for you. Thoroughly original, deep and meaningful storyline performed by highly talented cast.

James, Audience Club

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